Coaching supports changes that really matter to you....

...for your professional development and effective leadership.

Our coaching sessions are primarily used by managers, project leaders or subject matter experts to executives who want to take developments into their own hands - both professionally and personally.

You want to:

  •     master your - also complex - professional challenges
  •     gain more personal stability in your professional role
  •     overcome your own personal hurdles in order to develop more effectiveness
  •     find a better balance between private life, your own profession and organizational pressure
The focus is on your personal concerns.

Together with you, we illuminate all facets relevant to you and accompany you in your personal process - as a supportive companion, but also as an appreciative and critical sparring partner. We provide food for thought and also - if you wish - impart knowledge that is relevant to you.

We work together with you in a trusting framework,

  •     one-on-one in personal coaching,
  •     but also with entire management teams.

In an initial telephone conversation, we agree on the form of cooperation that best suits your needs.

We adjust to you and offer you coaching

  •     in face-to-face meetings
  •     via online meeting and
  •     on the phone
Our customers.

We work with

  •     Subject matter experts in challenging situations,
  •     executives in their first management position
  •     experienced managers in line and project functions
  •     Executives with (also company-wide) ultimate responsibility.
What you gain...

With our coaching approach we pursue one goal: Through our contribution you strengthen your personal resources!

Our clients

  •     gain more personal security and sovereignty,
  •     develop more personal and professional power and
  •     achieve more impact.

For themselves and for the job.

Short-term or long-term trading? Your tact decides!

The need for development is as diverse as life itself - sometimes urgent, sometimes long-term, sometimes strategic. We move at your speed.
The corporate program for companies.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our corporate customer service.

Phone: +49 (0) 981 97777876-70
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.