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Change Management

Change Management

Downsizing processes

Pushed into (un)retirement

Good exit management for experienced employees
Contribution by Marie-Luise Haake & Erich Hartmann


Out of sight, NOT out of mind

Bringing employees along in hybrid or mobile work models in changes.

This challenge for companies and managers is the topic of Frank Waible's current book, but also in the seminar "Change Masterclass".
Contribution by Frank Waible

Organisation ändert sich

Organizational learning is changing fundamentally

HR expert Markus Kruming explains paradigm shift in personnel development



Every change process is a cognitive,
psychological and moral challenge

Change architecture and change communication

A video on the functioning and importance of intuition in change projects by Dr. Thomas Gehlert




Business Coaching

No longer just an exclusive luxury good: Organizations are turning to business coaching

Jutta Kreyenberg shows trends on the coaching market and points out what will be important for coaches in the future




Leadership & Corona

 Leadership & Corona

Impact on leaders and organizations
Thoughts by Hans-Dieter Wilms

Leadership & Corona Part 2


Personality in context

Personality in context


Shaping the future, using resources

Using resilience to sustain transformation
Article by Marie-Luise Haake & Erich Hartmann

Resilience in the transformation process

Contribution by Timm Sieling

Self-efficacy as a motivator

An insight by Marie-Luise Haake

Resonance and connectedness

Marie-Luise Haake presents this connection in more detail.



25 years of script analysis - Valuable view of oneself

Interview with Friederike von Tiedemann


Quick effect: method workshop

Quick effect: method workshop

Online Moderation

Planning, preparing and conducting online moderations

How do you make virtual meetings particularly productive and efficient?
Contribution by Frank Thomas Waible



Systemic transactional analysis

Systemic transactional analysis

Systemic transactional analysis

Understanding people, shaping relationships, developing organizations - Using models and competencies from transactional analysis to survive in times of change, digitalization and crises.
Thoughts by Wilfried Bürger on the topic

Autonomy, inner drivers and corona stress
Autonomy, inner drivers and corona stress, Part 2

Agile corporate culture in times of crisis - in the area of tension between desire, resistance and opportunity
Contribution by Jutta Kreyenberg

Passivity and Symbiosis (a model from Systemic Transactional Analysis)
Passivity and Symbiosis - Part 2

Transactional analysis as a leadership element


Managing hybrid teams

The pandemic has triggered numerous changes in work and collaboration. Particularly affected is work in teams.

Article by Jutta Kreyenberg on digitalization, remote teams, virtual leadership, and more.


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