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Here we offer you a pool of useful, informative and innovative offerings that support your continuing education process in a variety of ways. 

System Constellations and their Scientific Meaning

In this open access publication, Thomas Gehlert provides a consistent, grounded natural and neuroscientific theory, based on current experiments and theories, that can describe the underlying process in intuition (gut feeling) and system constellation. In doing so, he closes a theoretical gap that has prevented the widespread acceptance of countless experimental results in decision theory and intuition research. Based on this, System Constellation may be considered a legitimate method in the context of business management, strategic management and decision making.

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Tools for Leaders

"Be the change you seek yourself."


Walter Allinger has compiled leadership tools from 25 years of seminar work, workshops and leadership curricula - often in cooperation with colleagues. The result is an actionable and practical collection in an appealing design that you can use to support and enrich your own leadership work.

Contents of 106 cards with models and tools:

  •     The role as a leader
  •     Communicating professionally
  •     Tools for leading employees
  •     Leading teams & developing performance teams
  •     Designing meetings and the basics of moderation
  •     Change compact and agile: leading change processes professionally
  •     Collegial consulting and best-practice sharing
  •     Life balance
About the authors:


Frank Waible is an organizational consultant and systemic coach. He has been working in the virtual environment as an employee and manager since 1998 and went into business for himself with ConnectingPeopleOnline in 2015 and has been supporting the Professio Team since 2018. Frank Waible advises, trains and accompanies virtual teams to improve their collaboration.

Ursula Kraus heads Power3 Training® GmbH and is the owner of Business Coaching Erlangen. Since 2007, she has been supporting executives, employees and teams in implementing their changes as a (teaching) coach and trainer. Her focus is the didactic conception and implementation of effective live online trainings and online moderations.






Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind!

"66 practical online exercises and energizers for developing distributed teams."

This book is for those who believe that a New Normal includes developing virtual teams!

  •     Are you a manager leading your team virtually?
  •     You are a trainer and coach and one of your main focuses is virtual team development?
  •     Or have you just found fun in virtual teamwork?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, this book is for you. We invite you to dive into virtual team development with all its possibilities.

To do so, we provide concrete exercises, along the phases of team development - and ready to use. Each exercise is described in detail: Structure, execution, objectives as well as implementation recommendations and tips from the field. In addition, we present online energizers. They provide you and your team with a quick energy boost to continue working with motivation or to laugh together for once.