Shaping, developing and forming corporate culture


Our company ticks differently! That is not our culture! That doesn't work in our company! Do these and similar statements sound familiar? They show time and again how formative a corporate culture can be. But such phrases also reveal how strongly lived values affect projects, structures and processes. Especially in important and necessary change processes, corporate culture and values can either facilitate or prevent change.

It is not uncommon for a lack of fit with leadership culture, values, typical behaviors, traditions and unwritten laws to cause change to fail. Consequently, in order to shape a company sustainably, the focus must be on how to initiate and promote change at the level of corporate culture - the operating system of the organization.

"Things only have the value we give them."

- Molière

This is important to us as we develop your corporate culture:

  • We want to understand the character of your organization: How and why it developed the way it did.
  • We value your development to date.
  • We work with you to determine which cultural change goals are meaningful and viable.
  • We determine the effects on mission statement, leadership, self-image and identity.
  • We work out together which levers are needed to create a good movement.
  • We plan and accompany your change process.
  • We check how changes work.


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