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For more than 25 years, PROFESSIO has been advising and supporting well-known companies and organizations in change processes, in the personal development of employees and managers, and in personnel management and development.

You too can use the power of change! Since every company and organization has its own history and its own corporate culture, we develop customized tools. Together we come to the best solution. Also for your company and your organization.

Since 2013, we have been working with PROFESSIO to implement Fraport AG's cross-company strategy in the individual areas. To this end, we have already conducted several workshops with different focal points. What I particularly appreciate about our consultant is his ability to steer processes in a goal-oriented manner and yet always give us the necessary space for discussion. Even in difficult areas of tension, we get a result in the moderated events that is supported by everyone and is also feasible in the current level of tension in order to successfully continue the strategy process.

Kristina Moll, Head of Marketing and Optimization Parking Management and Landside Transportation, Fraport AG

Südwestrundfunk (SWR) has been working with PROFESSIO for over ten years, primarily in the management curriculum. In addition, we book trainers as coaches and as part of team development processes. PROFESSIO developed the concept for the executive training program in close cooperation with the company and has continued to develop it since its launch. The very good response from participants has encouraged us to continue with the trainer program for a long time. What I particularly appreciate about our collaboration is the basic approach of systemic consulting. This resource- and solution-oriented consulting approach has helped to leave the managers in charge and to strengthen them individually. For me, this is the central aspect of the success of management development at SWR.

Ulrike Klee, Head of Department Human Resources Development, SWR Südwestrundfunk

In the course of restructuring our organizational structure, we had PROFESSIO provide intensive support to a team of managers over a period of three years. The goal was to give the managers room to reposition themselves, to reflect on their own understanding of their roles, and at the same time to achieve a balance between individual leadership work and harmony in terms of corporate goals.

PROFESSIO provided us with excellent support in the form of a high level of professional and personal competence. We succeeded in meeting our desire for a high degree of flexibility in the design of the individual modules without neglecting the overriding overall mission and goal of the support. We were able to offer the executives real added value for their operational and strategic management work as a result of the cooperation.

Birgit Pfeifer, Head of HR, Kaufbeuren District and City Savings Bank

PPRO is a fast growing company in the Fintech industry. As Interim Global Head of HR/HR Director, I had the following tasks: to optimize the operational process, to implement all HR processes of the entire Employee Life Cycle and at the same time to ensure an above-average growth with a high volume of new hires under time pressure and tight capacities.

Our Professio consultant Markus Kruming conducted two team workshops for the entire HR team (first 5 employees, then 12 employees). The goals were: to define and promote the team's cooperation and my leadership as interim manager, to make tasks and responsibilities transparent, to get an overview of the employees' professional strengths and weaknesses, and to define goals and visions, challenges and tasks for the HR department in the coming year. This included 25 defined projects.

Mr. Kruming had prepared the topics excellently and in an excellently structured manner, so that we were all quickly in the topic and could work through the contents efficiently. With a high degree of empathy, Mr. Kruming responded to the needs of the individual at all times, and succeeded in decelerating phases where necessary to leave the necessary "development space".

Overall, by the end of the workshops, we as a team had created a great deal of trust in each other, established a common vision and goals, identified our challenges, and worked out priorities. Looking back after 8 months, the workshop set the HR department well on a common path, both personally and professionally.

I experienced a particular strength with Markus Kruming in the fact that everyone immediately had unrestricted trust in him and got involved in all issues, including personal ones. In addition, his expertise enabled him to very quickly present really complex interrelationships and structures to us in an ingeniously simple way. In my 30-year career, I have never experienced a trainer who could penetrate and implement everything so quickly.

In the meantime, we have been able to implement and complete very many projects very successfully. Without Mr. Kruming, there is no way we would have done so well this year.
Sandra Brodt, Interim Head of Global HR, PPRO Holding GmbH, Munich

DAIMLER AG and PROFESSIO have enjoyed a trusting relationship for many years. PROFESSIO supports the premium car manufacturer in cultural and strategic development projects and is a selected partner for coaching and team development at management level and in the boardroom. For DAIMLER AG's internal consultants, PROFESSIO conducts customized consultant qualifications with a focus on change management. The trainees particularly appreciate the high field and practical competence of the teaching trainers as well as the broad spectrum of approaches from humanistic psychology. We will be happy to provide further reference projects and contact persons of our client on request.

APROVIS is a young company with national market leadership for exhaust gas heat exchangers and gas treatment in the CHP sector. Since its foundation in 2000 with 3 employees, the company has grown to over 100 employees by 2015. This dynamic growth made it necessary to move in and establish an additional hierarchical level. At the same time, it was important for us to continue to live the culture that has made us successful and bigger. Since 2009, we have had a valuable partner in PROFESSIO, which supports us with a variety of contacts in the areas of leadership development programs, executive coaching, and moderation in the leadership circle, enabling us to manage change well in our growing organization in a constantly changing environment. What we appreciate about PROFESSIO is the broad spectrum of consultants and trainers, based on a common foundation, the close and trusting cooperation while maintaining a professional distance, and the way in which the managing directors are involved in all programs and measures.

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Hauff, Managing Director, APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH

To launch a holistic transformation process under new leadership, KOB enlisted the support of PROFESSIO GmbH in spring 2015. The goal was to implement a new culture of collaboration and leadership based on a post-heroic team-oriented leadership model. PROFESSIO accompanied this management and culture development process as a facilitator and impulse generator in value, team and department workshops. A wide range of measures were implemented, such as the development of a common set of values, the visualization of these values in the form of theater scenes with KOB employees as actors, or an annual calendar designed by the staff with reference to the changing corporate culture. In our collaboration with PROFESSIO, we particularly value the constructive and critical dialog with our process consultants.

Michael Bohrmann, Chief Human Resources Officer, KARL OTTO BRAUN GmbH

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

- Henry Ford

DATEV eG is a software house and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers, as well as for their clients.  Striving for consistently high quality while at the same time facing rapid changes in the market and technology makes it necessary to recognize the need and potential for optimizing structures and processes in the company, to align managers and employees with this and to provide them with further training.
For several years, we have been using PROFESSIO's experience and expertise for area-specific management and team development workshops. In these workshops, current roles, processes and challenges are put to the test in order to identify future action requirements and initiate measures in good time. A shared understanding of the future direction is key in change processes. We appreciate the flexibility of working with PROFESSIO, the tailoring of programs and workshops to our company-specific needs, and the work on topics and issues relevant to us, from planning to implementation support.

Margot Fuchs, Head of Consulting and Training for Law Firms, DATEV eG

Processline is a consulting company for organizational development in medium-sized businesses, which has its focus on restructuring, strategy implementation and organizational change. Since 2006, we have regularly sent our consultants to PROFESSIO for systemic consulting training, as it is important to us that they also have sound know-how and skills in dealing with "soft" factors in change processes. PROFESSIO provides this combination of structure and culture in its qualifications and makes the systemic approach applicable to our projects. By working with a fixed partner institute, we also have the advantage that all our consultants in the consulting teams know the same concepts and speak the same language. Despite and because of the many locations and teaching trainers at PROFESSIO, it is possible for me as Managing Director to have several consultants trained at the same time and at the same high level.

Jennifer Reckow, Managing Director and Founder of processline GmbH

SINGER INGENIEUR CONSULT GmbH - founded in 1989 as Ingenieurbüro Singer + Spindler in Bayreuth - has set itself the goal of being the most attractive engineering firm in its region for customers and employees. Since 2013, the company has experienced strong growth and - now with 70 employees in the Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Zwickau and Bamberg offices - offers all planning services from a single source. PROFESSIO accompanies this growth and change process through continuous executive coaching and project manager qualifications - two crucial measures for the future direction. What we appreciate about our PROFESSIO consultant is her high level of technical expertise and detailed analysis, which forms the basis for developing the right approach for us. Even while the process is still underway, we can feel the effects in our daily work and experience how the changes are supported by all employees. I am very grateful for this.

Vinzenz Singer, Managing Director and Founder, SINGER INGENIEUR CONSULT GmbH

Our division has been working with Professio GmbH since 2008. We use Professio to qualify technical and management personnel and to support various development processes in and between departments.

As part of a large service company, we often work with different internal and external consultants. For me, Professio embodies the approach of value creation through appreciation in a very special way. The consulting team puts all its expertise at the service of our concerns. Experience in a wide variety of industries and in public administration provides the necessary practical approach to consulting. For me, the central aspects of our cooperation are: recognizing, appreciating and specifically developing the competencies that we bring to the table. From my experience, this approach ensures rapid and, above all, measurable and lasting improvements.

For us, trusting cooperation, competence, flexibility, service and continuity are important values when dealing with our customers. For me, Professio is a competent partner at eye level.

Dirk Walter, Deputy Branch Manager Stuttgart, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH

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