The five PROFESSIO guarantees

Our most important mission is the (further) development of people and organizations. From our point of view, this is an extremely demanding and extraordinary "service". A challenge that we are happy to take on. Values such as trust, reliability and security are therefore not only essential components of our corporate philosophy, but also a performance promise to our participants and customers.

Visible signs of this are our five unique quality guarantees. Take us at our word!   

  1.    Investment guarantee
  2.     Flexibility guarantee
  3.     Implementation guarantee
  4.     Practice guarantee
  5.     Consulting guarante

Investments in the personnel development of your employees benefit your company one hundred percent. But what happens if colleagues leave the company shortly after a development measure?

Our guarantee promise: If they leave within 6 months of the last day of training, you as the company will receive a free place for another employee on the next similar course.* You thus minimize your risk and retain control of your investment.



A lot can happen from the moment you book until the seminar starts. What if you don't have time to attend the training at short notice?

Our guarantee promise: Simply attend the training on the next date without additional costs and fees.*


Personal development also needs to be planned. It is annoying when an event is cancelled at short notice.

Our guarantee promise: For a whole series of PROFESSIO events we give you a guarantee of implementation (if necessary in a different format). This gives you absolute planning security. You will find information about guaranteed dates with the respective offer.


Learning only brings you forward if you succeed in applying what you have learned in your personal practice. This is what we stand for with our name. But what if, despite all this, you still have the feeling 6 months later that you have benefited neither personally nor professionally?

Our guarantee promise: After an in-depth consultation with us, you will attend a thematically suitable event of your choice - free of charge!*


Many questions often arise with a desire for further development: What are my development goals? What suits me and my ideas? Which further education makes the most sense for me? We take time for you so that your further education leads to success.

Our guarantee promise: In an individual consultation, we work with you to clarify your professional or personal needs and what goals you are striving for. On this basis, you will receive an overview of your personal continuing education path. Without booking obligation! Make an appointment with the PROFESSIO Office.

*) refers to free participation in the event. However, incidental expenses (accommodation, travel expenses, etc.) must be paid.

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