Andreas Hoffmann


Curious analyst and salesperson with an English sense of humor

The office staff of PROFESIO GmbH interview Andreas Hoffmann, who joined the management team on October 1, 2021, to get a BIld of the "new guy".

Professio team:
First, of course, we are interested in Andreas Hoffmann as a person. Please tell us some of your key character traits and supplement them for us with a few "hard facts".
Andreas Hoffmann:
The basic color of my character is an analytical and structured way of looking at things. I am very curious, ask a lot of questions and can listen well. And I am sensitive to generalizing words like always, never, everyone, everybody....
These characteristics I supplemented with increasing years of life with spiritual-scientific points of view. One of my guiding principles sums it up: "Friendly to people, consistent in the matter".
And finally, the fun factor must not be neglected. I am said to have the humor of an "English gentleman. That sums it up quite well.
The hard facts:. I am in my mid-50s, married and have worked professionally in marketing, sales and product management. Music is my passion and keeps me in balance. When possible, I attend concerts - from pop to classical.

Professio Team:
What connects you to Professio and what is your motivation to join Professio as Managing Director?
Andreas Hoffmann:
In my professional career so far, I worked regularly with Professio and got to know the company, the services, the methods, the people and the values. Much of it surprised me in a very positive way. When Professio was due for further development in the areas of sales and marketing, I jumped at the chance. I know that I can identify particularly well with the issues surrounding personal professionalization in career and organizational development.


Professio Team:
What areas will you be responsible for at Professio?
Andreas Hoffmann:
In the future, Markus Kruming and I will be responsible for the management in equal shares. Markus' main focus will be on topics related to products, product development and consulting. I will concentrate on sales and marketing. For me, in addition to our products, it is about accompanying the customer on the path of his professional development.
For example, by supplying decision-making processes with information and presenting possible options so that the customer can make the appropriate choice. Or by making the benefits and gains of working with Professio even more tangible for the customer. For me, Customer Centricity is the beacon and the key to mutual success.

Professio Team:
What prerequisites do you bring to your new job?
Andreas Hoffmann:
I bring an analytical and structured approach to sales and marketing from my studies in the natural sciences.
The professional background and at the same time the basis for the exchange with our customers I draw from many years of advanced training, also in the topics of change management, project management and organizational development. Long before joining Professio, I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired in professional practice and test its effectiveness.
Most recently, I gained several years of industry experience at an international adult education company.

Professio Team:
Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Hoffmann! We would like to welcome you to Professio and look forward to working with you.