Christiane Gerlacher

Main topics

  •     Accompanying team development in large-scale change processes, dissolution and reestablishment of organizational units, serious structural and process changes, leadership changes, resource-activating initiation of group processes and solutions for the practice
  •     Professionalization of internal consultants according to their specific roles
  •     Strategic health management, questions of internal design, networking of consulting functions, as well as topics such as health leadership, resilience training for FK, own resources and energy balance
  •     Self-management training for Ma and FK with methods of the Zurich Resource Model
  •     Future workshop
  • English and German language
What clients say about me:

"creates an atmosphere of trust and tackles the issues in an exciting and gripping way".



Management Consultant, Instructional Trainer

Professional background
  •     13 years of professional experience in centralized and decentralized personnel and organizational development in an international bank
  • Methoden der Systemischen Transaktionsanalyse
Education and training
  •     Bank clerk
  •     Graduate businesswoman (university)
  •     Certified transactional analyst in the field of organization
  •     Certified CRM© Coach
  •     IE-ProfilTM
  •     Training in strategic personnel and organizational development
  •     Advanced training in systemic consulting
  •     Design and support of change processes
  •     Working with emotions in organizations