Dr. Bettina Hansen

Focus topics

  •     Principles and tasks of leadership
  •     Applied leadership, also in change
  •     Tools for situational leadership as well as post-heroic leadership, also in matrix and non-profit organizations with special expertise in healthcare
  •     Becoming personally effective
  •     Organizational development and change management
  •     Strength-based training, coaching and consulting
  •     Design Thinking, Sinus and Limbic
What customers say about me:

"... demanding, creative solution-oriented - got me ahead ..."

Professional background
  •     Systemic consultant specializing in leadership, ego development, organizational development and change management
  •     Publishing manager, currently as publishing manager in a medical publishing house
  •     Approved physician with clinical experience in internal medicine
Education and training
  •     Certification as IE-Coach with Thomas Binder 2017
  •     Since 2011 continuous training as a systemic consultant with a focus on organizational development and change management at Professio - most recently in the master's course until 2016
  •     Management training in St. Gallen with Prof. Fredmund Malik
  •     Medical studies and doctorate in Ulm and Heidelberg