Jutta Kreyenberg

Main topics

  •     Business and Executive Coaching
  •     Professional power - personality development for coaches, trainers, executives
  •     Management team development
  •     change management
  •     Culture development
  •     Conflict Management
  •     ...in english and german language
What clients say about me:

"combines lightness and humor with seriousness and depth, and engages even skeptical participants in no time."


Shareholder, management consultant and educational trainer

Professional background
  •     8 years employee and manager (head of personnel marketing) in a large corporation
  •     5 years board member DGTA (German Society for Transactional Analysis)
  •     Board member of CIC (Community interest Company) "Fluent Self" in UK
  •     Book author
  • Change agil & kompakt
  • Business-Coaching-Weiterbildung
  • Methoden der Systemischen Transaktionsanalyse
  • Coaching-Angebote
  • Professio Masterkurs 2017
  • Konfliktlösung agil & kompakt
Education and further training
  •     Graduate psychologist
  •     Naturopathic psychotherapist
  •     Teaching Transactional Analyst EATA (European Association for Transactional Analysis)
  •     Member of DBVC (German Federal Association for Coaching)
  •     Member of EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  •     Trainer certification and member of dvct (umbrella organization for coaching and training)
  •     Certification in TIFF©, IE-ProfilTM and GPOP
Publications & Congress Papers
  •     Leadership 2.0 - Leadership concepts for the future (1)
  •     Leadership 2.0 - Leadership concepts for the future (2)
  •     Shaping change - process moderators for the future in the area of organization (1)
  •     Shaping change - process facilitators for the future in the area of organization (2)
  •     Leadership development in change: Management development international (1)
  •     Leadership development in change: Management Development international (2)
  •     So that teamwork does not remain a fairy tale - Using Functional Fluency in Organizational Development
  •     What little can be learned? - about maturation and development after 25
  •     Coaching architectures - ways of implementing coaching in companies
  •     Dealing with the foreign and the familiar in corporate mergers
  •     Ego states - familiar and yet foreign
  •     Effective Leadership through Functional Fluency
  •     Anticipating and shaping the future (1)
  •     Anticipating and shaping the future (2)
  •     The wood of the white man
  •     Dealing with difficult situations in coaching
  •     Conflict Management - Training International
  •     99 tips for coaching employees
  •     Using the "Functional Fluency" model in coaching
  •     Script processes in the company
  •     Autonomy from the perspective of a systemic/organizational psychology-based TA
  •     Conflict management
  •     A guide for conflict resolution talks