Hans Dieter Wilms

Main topics

  •     Organizational development / change design and support
  •     executive coaching
  •     Team development of management teams / boards
  •     Strategy development
  •     Cultural development
  •     Supervision
  •     Speaker on the topics of leadership, organizational and cultural development, human resources and personnel development
  •     Business languages: German / English
What clients say about me:

"Can clearly combine theory and business practice and supports with humor and respectful confrontation."



Shareholder, management consultant and teaching trainer

Professional background
  •     RWTH Aachen, Psychotherapist and Teaching Therapist (14 years)
  •     General Manager, Director Management Development (11 years)
  •     Lecturer / Teaching Trainer at various institutions (Alcatel-University / Daimler Corporate University / Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership (A) / Institute for Systemic Consulting Wiesloch / Professio)
  • Business-Coaching Masterclass
  • Professio Masterkurs 2017
Education and further training
  •     Graduate psychologist / clinical psychologist
  •     Group dynamic training
  •     Psychotherapeutic training (transactional analysis; talk therapy; Gestalt therapy; bioenergetics; systemic therapy)
  •     OE trainings, team development, etc. with Ed Schein, Dick Underhill, Ed Navis
  •     Certified user: GPOP (MBTI) / ARP / Ego-Development-ProfileTM
Publications & Congress Papers
  •     Change of individuals, organizations societies - similarities and differences.
  •     Developing the organizational script through storytelling
  •     The contribution and responsibility of human resource development (HRD) and human resource management (PM) in organizations - scope, freedom, penalty areas, impact areas